Al Ahlia Provides jet pumping, artificial lift technology, well testing and early production equipment and services.

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Al Ahlia projects division has executed a large offshore water injection system in the Gulf of Suez area on EPC basis and currently offers oil companies its experience in design, fabrication and installation of such systems.
Representative of :
Daniel Flow Products, a division of Emerson Process Managment. TransCanada Calibrations, Inc. Sivalls, Inc. Nowata, Inc. R&M Energy Systems.


Al Ahlia supplies all required equipments and spare parts to facilitate oil production to Egyptian Petroleum companies such as: Gupco, Khalda, Agiba, Oasis. Specialized equipment range from three phase separators to triplex and quintiplex high pressure pumps to downhole jet pumps. We provide services such as Early production, well testing and artificial lift services. These services are executed by highly skilled engineers and technicians supported by oil field experienced management.


The Company is marketing products of renown companies in the oil and power sectors, the attached list of principal companies represented by Al Ahlia in Egypt and parts of Middle East.

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The company is handling on EPC basis projects related to oil field development and currently in association with Engineered Pipeline Systems. EPS is executing on EPC basis an offshore water injection project for Agiba Petroleum Company.

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Ashrafi Water Injection Project

Al Ahlia is the main contractor for this “Ashrafi Water Injection Project” with EPS (Engineered Pipeline Systems) being a sub-contractor. This project is designed to filter, deaerate and chemically treat raw seawater and then provide suitable pressure for injection into the sub-sea formation for the purpose of maintaining reservoir pressure. Operating experience may modify some of the procedures.

Chemical Treatment
Experience of other operators in the area has shown that hypochlorite treatment of the seawater to kill algae as well as deoxygenation of the seawater is sufficient to reduce internal corrosion. Experience of other similar projects is documented.Continual monitoring of the system with both coupons and linear polarization resistance (LPR) probes will indicate if additional corrosion protection is necessary.


Electrical Power

The Caterpillar G3306EPG 80 kw generators will provide electric power for the lift pumps, PLC, controls, actuated valves and telemetry. One generator will provide sufficient power to operate one lift pump, and all ancillary electrical components of the facility. An automatic switching device will allow the second (standby) generator to come on line, should a failure of the first (primary) generator occur. This transfer should occur in 30 seconds or less. Company personnel will be able to designate which generator will be primary and which is standby. It is recommended that this function be alternated between generators on a monthly basis. The PLC and telemetry will include an UPS (uninterruptible power supply), which will enable communication to the company in the event of total generator failure.

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Al Ahlia's Fleet of Equipment Served the following customer

Company Type of job
Agiba - Early production facilities
- Jet pumping facilities
- Crew to operate jet pumping package
Oasis Early Production facilities
Eshpetco Jet Pumping Facilities
OSOCO Jet Pumping Facilities
Geisum Jet Pumping Facilities
Petrodara Jet Pumping Facilities
Petrobel Shipping Pump Facilities
Magapetco Shipping/transfer Pump facilities
Gempetco Jet Pumping Facilities
Waspetco Jet Pumping Facilities


  • Daniel Flow Products, Inc.
  • Millingford International Ltd.
  • Sivalls, Inc.
  • J&J; Technical Services
  • R&M; Energy Systems
  • TransCanada Calibrations Ltd.
  • Petro Source International
  • Daniel Flow Products, Inc.

    9753 Pine Lake Drive
    Houston Texas 77055 USA

    Telephone: 00 1 713 467 6000
    Fax: 001 713 827 3808
    Contact: Mr. Dan Dickinson 

    Products/Services: Daniel Provides detailed design and engineering project management, in-house manufacturing of primary measurement devices, flow computers and instrumentation panels. Manufacturing & supply of multipath ultrasonic gas flow meter, automation supervisory controller computer, Danalyzer BTU chromatographs, solar flow computer, liquid level gages and valves, gas turbine meter, office fittings, flow nozzles and tubes.

  • Millingford International Ltd.

    Royal Works, Atlas St. Clayton-le-Moors.
    Accrington, Lancashire, BBS 5LP, England

    00 44 1254 615 100
    Fax: 00 44 1254 615 199
    Contact: Mr. Mike Hollyhead

    Products/Services : Millingford manufacture, supply & service the full range of API rod& tubing & fittings covered by the API specification 11 AX in accordance with the latest international standards of quality assurance/control procedures including API SPEC.Q1.

  • Sivalls, Inc.

    P.O. Box 2792
    Odessa, Texas 79760-2792 USA

    Telephone: 00 1 915 337 3571
    Fax: 001 915 337 2624
    Contact: Mr. Floyd Rountree

    Emission Control Equipment
    Water Treating Equipment
    Combination HSU/DEHY Units
    Dehydration Units
    Gas Treating Equipment
    Gas Production Units
    Offshore Production
    Water Knockouts

  • J&J; Technical Services , L.L.C.

    11133 I-45 SOUTH, STE ‘Q’
    CONROE, TX 77302 USA

    Tel: (936)494-3773
    Fax: (936) 494-2917
    Provides jet pumping systems, utilizing down hole jet pump and coiled tubing for dewatering gas wells.

  • R&M; Energy Systems

    10586 U.S. Highway 75N
    Willis, TX 77378-5715, USA

    Telephone: 00 1 281 351 2222
    Fax: 00 1 281 351 6557
    Contact: Mr. Douglas McGuire
    Products/Services: Manufacturer of quick opening closures, Pipeline launchers and receivers

  • TransCanada Calibrations Ltd.

    II Des Chenes, MB Box 654
    R0A,0T0, Canada

    Telephone: 00 1 204 878 4373
    Fax: 00 1 204 878 4531
    Contact: Mr. Jairo Mantella, Mr. Garnet Grudeski
    Products/Services: Metering Calibration Systems, on site pressure and temperature calibration training and calibration of all station pressure and temperature transmitters

  • Petro Source International

    49121 Kay Street, Nikiski
    Alaska 99635 USA

    Telephone: 00 907 776 5541
    Fax: 00 1 907 776 5541
    Contact: Mr. Barney Phillips
    Products/Services: Slick wire line tools and equipment

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